Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy (MIMS®) is a Stentless, simple and fast Glaucoma treatment which effectively lowers the intraocular pressure (IOP) without the need for major invasive surgery.

A Minimal invasive and Stent-less Treatment Glaucoma Innovation

MIMS® is a rapid and minimal invasive procedure at the forefront of interventional glaucoma treatments. Fewer post-op complications allow for effective IOP management. MIMS® is designed to create a sclerostomy similar to trabeculectomy, the gold standard for incisional glaucoma surgery, but with an approach that is less invasive, in terms of tissue damage, and without any implanted material (stent-less). Therefore, complications relating to hyphema and hypotony (such as flat anterior chamber, choroidal effusions and detachments), which are observed in trabeculectomy are expected to occur at a lower incidence and severity with MIMS®. Other post-operative events are expected to be similar to other minimally invasive, stent-less glaucoma treatments.

How MIMS® Works

Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy (MIMS®) is fast, accessible and effective. MIMS® is intended for the reduction of elevated IOP. It works by inserting a specially designed cutting tool into the sclera and removing a small channel of tissue. This channel will remain open and continuously drain, effectively reducing IOP.

MIMS® advantages:

  • A minimal surgical intervention into the eye with the
  • consequent lower risk of hypotony or injury to the surrounding ocular tissues
  • enables stable post-operative IOP levels
  • Takes short surgical time (few minutes)
  • MIMS® application is simple and easy

A Ready-to-Use Surgical System

MIMS® is a lightweight surgical system intended for use by trained professional ophthalmologists. It’s easy to use and learn, intuitive to operate and requires fewer staff to assist in non-surgical environments. A central control touchscreen demonstrates the surgical parameters, and a foot pedal initiates the precise handheld cutting tool movement.

Precision Glaucoma Treatment Technology

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Outstanding Clinical Performance


Min Procedure


IOP Reduction after 12


Medication reduction
at 12 mo.

ZERO Major/serious intra/post-op ocular complications

Major intra/post-op

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MIMS® is a registered Trademark © 2021 Sanoculis LTD. MIMS® is a CE marked device (under MDD 93/42/EEC). MIMS® is an investigational device, limited by Federal (Or United States) law to investigational use.

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