• The MIMS® solution creates a drainage channel to reduce the IOP. It is minimally invasive, lowers risk of complications, simple and very quick to use, medication-sparing and can be easily combined with Cataract surgery. MIMS® has the potential to replace Trabeculectomy, Stented Trabeculectomy and all the emerging Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS).

    1.  Side port creation and AC filling with Viscoat
    2. conjunctiva fill with Viscoat to create room for the surgical device
    3,4 The surgical instrument is inserted through the side port to the angle
    5. The MIMS® foot pedal is pressed to createthe drainage channel
    6. A tiny drainage channel is created
    7. A tissue cylinder is extracted
    8. The intraocular surplus fluid drains from the anterior chamber into the subconjunctival space