• MIMS (Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy) is a microfluidic full-thickness procedure, guarded by the small diameter of the drainage channel, which was developed as an advancement of laser sclerostomy. This new technique uses a state of the art custom made cutting and drilling device designed so as to reduce trauma to the surrounding tissue and therefore minimizes scar tissue formation allowing for a long-lasting filtering bleb. The IOP-lowering effect of the MIMS procedure is expected to be at least identical to that of traditional trabeculectomy. In vivo preclinical trials of the MIMS procedure in pigs gave encouraging results  allowing the company to move forward to clinical studies.

    1. Pulling the conjunctiva to create the “tent".
    2. The conjunctiva is then penetrated 10-12mm from the limbus with the MIMS device, advancing it towards the
    3. Penetrating the limbus into the anterior chamber through the sclero-corneal junction.
    4. Revolving the surgical device for sub second.
    5. A 50-100 micron diameter channel is created.
    6. The aqueous humour is drained from the anterior chamber into the subconjuntival space. A bleb is created and
        the conjunctiva walls-off the bleb to provide the desired IOP.