• Unlike other recent developments in glaucoma treatments, the MIMS procedure has the potential to revolutionize glaucoma treatment in that it will be as efficient in lowering IOP as Trabeculectomy, but is less invasive, spares the neighboring tissues and therefore overcomes the problems of scarring and wound healing.

    Economically, using MIMS would lead to a significant reduction in direct and indirect costs for glaucoma surgery and will render it more accessible to patients due to the ease at which the procedure is performed, both in better and in less developed regions of the world. At the same time, the MIMS procedure could define the surgical treatment standard for coexisting glaucoma and cataract; it can potetially be combined with cataract surgery, thereby reducing the number of per patient interventions and related costs and can improve quality of life.

    Due to its apparent simplicity and low cost, the MIMS procedure has the potential to provide an alternative to chronic use of anti-glaucoma medication, thus solving major compliance and side effect problems as well as reducing the high running cost to the health care system.